My Works

Project 1 - Development of is an e-commerce website which is an online pharmacy built by me. This is my first project. This website sells medicines online like Anti-Anxiety Pills, Sex Pills, ADD/ADHD, Sleeping Pills and etc. Payment Gateway is also setup.

Project 2 - Development of is an e-commerce website built by me. This is an online pharmacy built by me for my client. This website is similar to my previous project because my client demanded to me to make a similar website

Project 3 - Editing of is an e-commerce website which is selling furniture, beds, headboards, fabric samples, divan beds and etc. I had not made this website but I had developed a product category named 'Fabric Samples' in this website, i had listed all the products in this product category and i had also done some more changes in this website.

Project 4 - Solving error of BillMatthewsOutdoors is a blog. I had solved a error in this WIX Website. Due to some issues the site owner was unable to add blog categories in the website. So i visited this website and solved the error.

Project 5 - Project of CaspianFurnish is an E-Commerce website selling furnitures. Due to expire of Anti-Spam plugin, this website was not working properly some product images of this website becomes invisible by itself. So i was mainly assigned to products's images in this website. I had also added SSL Certificate in this website and some more editing in this website is done by me.

Project 6 - Developing is an crowdfunding NGO website build by me on WordPress. This website is made by using free plugins & theme. It have a really impressive design. It uses Give - Donation Plugin for collecting donations from visitors & A Free Astra Template was used in website.

Project 7 - is a Business Website build by me for a Food Service Company based in Qatar. I was also hired for providing Maintenance & Web Designing Services to this website.

Project 8 - is a WordPress ECommerce Website built by me. I am also handling SEO & Social Media Marketing of this website. Website had got organic rank on 16 search results in 1 month so far and getting 438 monthly impressions now

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